Custody & settlement of fiat & digital assets, and partnership support, for trading venues

Custody & Settlement for Fiat & Digital Assets


Increase Exchange revenues and liquidity

  • Bringing you new clients with substantial funds.
  • Facilitating greater trading volumes with our real time DvP settlement service for multiple fiat and digital assets.
  • Increase Exchange attractiveness to institutional capital
  • Funds can maintain their current approach with regard to mandates, governance and codes of conduct.

Delivering value quickly and building for growth

  • Technical integration through our Binary FIX API in a few days.
  • Koine’s bank-style integration gives you full visibility and control of your accounts and your clients’ trading accounts.
  • Option to use Koine as your custodian: to deliver the separation of duties principal preferred by regulators; to de-risk your business; and to de-risk your banking relationships.