Custody, settlement and partnership support for digital issuers

Custody, Settlement and Partnership Support for Digital Issuers’

Meets the conventions of institutional fund management

  • Conforms to separation of duties principal.
  • End to end legal ownership of assets through issuance process.
  • Minimises counterparty risk and provides insolvency protection.

From issuance to trade

  • Post-issuance custody in fiat and digital assets facilitates immediate trading with access to multiple OTC desks and exchanges.

Full solution for successful issuance

  • Institutional capital already on-boarded and ready to invest.
  • On-boarding/KYC service for new Brokers and institutional capital.
  • Funds accepted into escrow in several crypto and fiat currencies then held under CASS 6/7 rules.
  • Full visibility of committed funds through our portal.
  • Real-time issuance using DvP solution.