Koine featured in Information Age

14th August 2019
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Koine’s Chief Risk Office, Francesco Roda, spoke to Information Age about the rise of digital assets and following the use of the blockchain in financial services.

“Liquidity is very crucial in financial markets; the lack of it is very costly and very problematic for both the issuers and the holders of the financial assets — it presents another way to distribute and get your product out there to those that want it,” he said.

“The fact that there is no single guardian or intermediary means the blockchain (in finance or elsewhere) acts like the internet.”

“You don’t have a single intermediary which guarantees the operations of the internet, you have just a multitude of nodes and each node is at the same level, it’s a peer compared to the other nodes, and that’s what makes the internet so widespread, but also so reliable and so resilient.”

Speaking on how challenger banks, such as Revolut, as adopting this technology, Francesco said: “Revolut effectively allows its customers to buy Bitcoin as part of their portfolio. There are a number of initiatives in the FCA regulatory sandbox that actually truly merge the world of financial services with the world of digital assets and the world of blockchain technologies; using blockchain to enable cross-border payments, for example.”

As well as discussing Facebook’s Libra coin, Francesco spoke about the future of blockchain: “I see the bright future for blockchain; in effectively enabling and making distribution of financial products fairer, cheaper, more cost effective and therefore, enhancing the liquidity profile of what typically has been very illiquid assets.”

You can read the full article here.