Koine featured in Best Execution

30th October 2019
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Best Execution interviews Francesco Roda

Best Execution magazine interviewed our Chief Risk Officer, Francesco Roda, on how digital-assets can create liquidity for their article on navigating the crypto liquidity landscape by Jannah Patchay.

“Liquidity is primarily a feature of the market in which the asset is traded. It is driven by the interest and the demand that the asset can attract, the ease with which the asset can be converted into cash and the barriers to entering the market in which the asset is traded. So, bringing down the barriers to accessing assets is a way of creating liquidity,” said Francesco. 

“Liquidity is made by market makers – but in traditional markets, market making is costly in terms of capital. Digital assets can lower the operational barriers to entering the market, potentially allowing new types of player – which may have a lower cost, or a surplus, of capital – to become market makers,” he added.

CLICK HERE to read the full article: https://www.bestexecution.net/crypto-assets-finding-liquidity-jannah-patchay/