Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis

17th March 2020
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Measures to ensure continued operations during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis

In light of the extraordinary situation (further spread of coronavirus [COVID-19], we have introduced some special precautionary measures to ensure that we can continue operating as normal and offer the expected standard of service. These measures are aligned with our Business Continuity Plan (“BCP”) and go a step further than the guidelines issued by UK government and Health authorities.


As required for an FCA licensed firm, our extensively tested BCP is now implemented and is delivering continued operations without interruption. This applies to data center and network operations, availability for technical and administrative support, movement of funds across normal banking rails and the ingress and egress of digital assets.  Due to the high levels of automation designed into our administrative processes, and our rigorous supply chain management, we anticipate uninterrupted service operations throughout the peak impact of the virus.


At the same time, the measures enable us to offer our employees, customers, suppliers, partners and associates the best possible protection. We have already taken steps to enable our employees to work remotely from home, and we have also introduced extensive hygiene measures.


As a regulated provider of market-critical infrastructure, we take our responsibility toward our customers, the involved employees, and society very seriously.


Thank you for the confidence that you show us each day and especially in this extraordinary situation.


Hugh Hughes
Chairman and CEO, Koine